About the Project

The Project "Demand Side Residential Energy Efficiency Through Gas Distribution Companies In Bulgaria" (project DESIREE GAS) aims to provide a dedicated and effective mechanism to support the gasification of the Bulgarian households in compliance with the EU Energy Efficiency Directive. It promotes the most efficient technologies and supports the switch from carbon-intensive electricity to natural gas, thus reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions in the residential sector in Bulgaria.

The project is funded by the International Fund "Kozloduy" ( the “KIDSF”), administered by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development ( "EBRD"). Managing Authority is the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The project started in September 2015 and lasts 36 months.

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The Ministry of Energy of Bulgaria (ME), in the framework of the National Programme for Accelerated Gasification (“National Programme for Gasification”), will use grant support provided by the KIDSF (Kozloduy International Decommissioning Support Fund, managed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development), for the provision of incentives to households to connect to gas distribution networks.


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