Grants will be provided to about 10,000 households in Bulgaria to support the gasification and installation of high-efficiency boilers.

For this purpose by consensus between the Ministry of Economy, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and GDCs has been developed a concept for the approval procedures for grant or reinbursement and criteria for selection of beneficiaries (see. Subcategory "Procedures"). Also rules are prepared for technical validation, monitoring and control prior to the approval of the grant.

The regional distribution of the grant will be implemented based on principles of transparency, fair participation and equality.

As regards the criteria for eligibility of beneficiaries (households ) the following aspects will be considered:

  • Technical: distance from the existing gas network; fuels used in present opportunities for energy savings;
  • Property: the status of the property; existing building; residence;
  • Social: level of income; size of the property and others.

Eligible Installers are classified according to technical and financial criteria in accordance with the existing licensing regime. To ensure compliance with the grant criteria for high energy efficiency in accordance with international standards, eligible materials and equipment must fulfill all EU and local regulations in force and comply with recent regulatory provisions for high energy efficiency heat generation equipment used.

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The Ministry of Energy of Bulgaria (ME), in the framework of the National Programme for Accelerated Gasification (“National Programme for Gasification”), will use grant support provided by the KIDSF (Kozloduy International Decommissioning Support Fund, managed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development), for the provision of incentives to households to connect to gas distribution networks.


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