The procedure for applications by potential beneficiaries for grants to join the gas network consists of six basic steps:

  • Prior approval - household files an application to Gas distribution companies (GDCs) for connection and Grant. GDCs undertake a review of the application of technical eligibility in view of the availability of gas network in the territory / possibility to deliver the required amount of gas. If technically eligible, the application shall be reviewed for compliance with the criteria of DESIREE GAS Project to obtain the grant. If eligibility criteria are met the GDC issues a Statement for connection;
  • Final approval - The selected eligible installer makes a technical inspection of the site to determine the required works and costs. The installer send a quotation (offer) to the owner, the latter may accept or request a revision. The process ends with the signing of connection agreement and engineering contract between the GDC and the owner of the property;
  • Verification of eligibility - DGP Consultant verifies the completeness and eligibility of the applications. If the application is not eligible a Rejection Letter is issued;
  • Construction - selected eligible installer prepares detailed design in accordance with the submitted quotation and national regulations that nust be approved by the Technical Supervision. Construction and installation works are performed by the installer. After completion of construction works an Act for initial technical inspection is issued by the authorized company for technical supervision;
  • Connection – following the issuance of the Act for initial technical inspection by the authorized company for technical supervision and based on the contract with GDC, the connection to gas network is performed;
  • Grant disbursement – the household submits to the GDC a delegation of payment. The GDC claims for grant payment to the DGP Consultant by submission of a Request for payment including all requested documentation. After verification of application the DGP Consultant confirms the payment of the Grant from KIDSF and sends a notification to the Ministry of Energy and the EBRD for disbursement of funds for all approved cases.

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The Ministry of Energy of Bulgaria (ME), in the framework of the National Programme for Accelerated Gasification (“National Programme for Gasification”), will use grant support provided by the KIDSF (Kozloduy International Decommissioning Support Fund, managed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development), for the provision of incentives to households to connect to gas distribution networks.


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